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National President 2016 Candidate Glenn Weiss


USA DANCE, INC. 2016 Elections that are for the term beginning 1 January 2017.

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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Glenn Weiss, and I am resident of Rancho Palos Verdes in California. I have lived in The United States  since 1993. Originally I grew up in Denmark and lived there till my late teens. In the late Seventies I moved to London to pursue a career in ballroom dancing as it was called back then. I spent the rest of my career  as an active competitor in London after which I moved to California.

Growing up in  Denmark all dancing was organized in amateur clubs and the governing body was The Danish Amateur DanceSport Federation which was a member of ICAD,which later became IDSF and eventually  got it's  current  name WDSF.
I was very fortunate  to come under the influence of some very good mentors and success came early.

There were multiple Danish Championships from Juniors through Youth and Amateurs in both 10 Dance and Standard. There was even a European  10 Dance Championship in the youth category. All made possible by the wonderful  system set up by The Danish Federation and their army of volunteers. A system that made it possible  for kids of all socioeconomic backgrounds to enjoy the wonderful thing we today call Dancesport.

Living in London was quite another thing. It was every person for him or herself. But the work ethics we had been taught as children continued to reap benefits. Within a relatively short time (5 years) we were fortunate enough to win all the amateur titles in the world, some of them more than once (World's, European, International, United Kingdom and The British in Blackpool. The point here is not to blow my own trumpet, but to emphasize that I have grown up and lived in system set up many years ago that we today know as WDSF. As such I have a great affinity for the  goals and aspirations of USADANCE. I also competed as a professional, not with quite the same amount of success, but still good enough to be a finalist in all the major championships in the world.

Since retiring from competing I have dedicated my professional  life to teaching and mentoring today's competitors. I am proud to say that this has been a very successful venture, and one that I must tell you has been more enjoyable than anything I else I have ever done.

This brings me to the next chapter in my life. I have for a long time thought about how we could help our dancers become more successful and grow Dancesport in The United States. It is with sadness  and disappointment that I have been  watching the bickering and squabbling amongst the leadership in USADANCE. An awful lot of  time and energy has been spent fighting internally, and very little time has been used on the problems we face. This has to stop. We do not have to agree on  everything, but we must be able to communicate  and respect each other's opinion. The ego cannot be bigger than the common good. Having spent a great deal of my life in our dance world I think I have a pretty good  background to be able to  deal with all these things.

This is why I announce my candidacy to run for President of USADANCE  at the  next election.
I don't  need  this job on my resume, or to make myself feel important. I honestly think that I  will be  able to contribute to the improvement of an organization run by so many wonderful  volunteers who like myself love this sport.
I want everybody  to know that you can get in touch with me on and give me your suggestions  or questions .  I promise I will get back to everybody.

Glenn Weiss. 




Glenn G. Weiss
President of USADANCE Candidate
2016 National  USADANCE Election

As you know I have already introduced myself to you when I first announced my candidacy. The debate and opinions on social media regarding this election have been quite lively, and will probably continue to be so. I will once again ask everybody to be respectful of other people's opinion. We are all on the same side. Everybody who have decided to stand for election deserves your attention. Everybody who have decided not to stand for election have done so of their own free will. So this is where we are.

We all can learn from each other no matter how much experience we have in our chosen field. I am very confident in my own knowledge of the dance world having spent virtually all of my adult life in the dance world and most of my youth too. Morals and ethics are very important to me. We must do things the right way, especially in the dance world where everything is based on opinions. I will only surround myself with people who share this vision.

USA DANCE is the National Governing Body of Dancesport in the USA. This organization must be a business that governs, promotes and educates social and competitive dancing. Therfore we must work with people who have experience in the world of business. Fortunately we have members who have stepped forward and offered their services. People with years of experience in the business world. We must take advantage of their expertise in order to grow as an organization. Keep this in mind when you make your choice in November.

There is much more to dancing than the competitive and social aspects. Several medical studies have shown the benefits of dancing to all kinds of ailments. We must be part of the solution by promoting dance as a part of a healthy lifestyle  both physically and mentally.

The social side of USA Dance is the most important part of our organization. Without a thriving Social Membership we will not be able to produce world class competitive dancers. Each of our Social Chapters play a major role in promoting dance in their local community. Our leadership needs to provide the tools and education for this vital link to succeed.
I look forward to hearing from all of you. Together we can make this something we can all be proud of.

Glenn G Weiss. 

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